Top 100 Lawyers in California for 2013

VK LawyersGary Kwasniewski, was selected as one of the top 100 lawyers in the entire state of California for 2013. He and his partner, Jeanette Viau, achieved this recognition from the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal, the largest legal publication in California for their role in the California Supreme Court’s recent unanimous decision in Zhang v. Superior Court.

This landmark case that Gary and Jeanette litigated will change California insurance law in favor of consumers for decades to come. As a direct result of Gary and Jeanette’s work that resulted in the California Supreme Court’s decision in Zhang, insurance companies can now be sued under California’s Unfair Competition Law in California insurance bad faith cases in addition to the common law causes of action for breach of contract and bad faith.

“This was great honor for Jeanette and me”, Kwasniewski said, “ Jeanette, his wife and law partner, prepared all of the briefing. “It was a team effort against the entire insurance industry and their legions of lawyers.”

There are over 240,000 lawyers in California. California attracts some of the top legal talent in the country. In almost every piece of national litigation California lawyers play major roles. Every year the Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal looks at the work of hundreds of California lawyers. The Journal receives nominations from law firms, non profits, universities, and from reporters who are covering major litigation in the state. Gary and Jeanette were nominated to the Top 100 by the reporter who was covering the Zhang case. The reporter was in the courtroom when the case was argued in front of the California Supreme Court.

The Journal honors those lawyers whose work is having the widest impact, not just on their careers or their bottom lines. They seek to honor work that is changing the law and society as a whole.

“ We were the only small law firm to receive the recognition of being selected as one of the top 100. I could not have done this without Jeanette, she is the most outstanding lawyer and the hardest working lawyer I have ever known. It was also a great experience to argue the case in front of California’s highest court in the most populous state in the union. We make a great team,” Gary said.