Serious injuries and deaths have occurred from shootings at places of business.

California law generally holds that an owner of a business that is open to the public must use reasonable care to protect patrons from harmful conduct, if the owner can reasonably anticipate the harmful conduct.

Our premises liability lawyer at the law firm of Viau & Kwasniewski has been involved with several shooting/premises liability cases involving armored truck robbery shooting deaths at businesses that were open to the public.

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Premises Liability Cases

In one shooting/premises liability case, an armored truck guard was killed during a gun battle with gang members at an office building which had a bank on the first floor.

There had been a number of robberies at this bank before the armored truck attempted robbery and shooting.

The property management company was aware of prior robberies, and took no action to protect people coming into the building from potential criminal activity.

When there is a history of violent crime or robberies at a commercial property, California law generally requires a commercial property owner to take some action, such as having security guards, security cameras, etc., to protect people who come to the premises from being harmed by criminals.

This was a tough fought case in which this firm’s premises liability lawyer defeated four motions for summary judgment before obtaining a very good premises liability settlement for the heirs of the deceased guard.

Another case handled by the firm’s premise liability lawyer involved the death of a young man who was an innocent bystander, shot down in a gun battle between armored truck guards and the perpetrators of an attempted robbery at a large outlet store.

These types of cases are very difficult and determining premises liability settlements is never easy. This particular shooting/premises liability case settled only after intensive litigation.

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