Since 1989, California product liability lawyer, Gary Kwasniewski has successfully litigated hundreds of serious products liability cases. As a product liability attorney, Mr. Kwasniewski is an aggressive trial lawyer representing the injured.

Under California products liability law, a manufacturer can be held liable for compensatory damages, and under some factual scenarios, for punitive damages as well. Los Angeles based product liability lawyer Gary Kwasniewski is well versed with corporate tactics used to defend irresponsible manufacturers who have produced and sold defective dangerous products.

In matters of product liability, L.A. lawyer Gary Kwasniewski has taken or attended well over 1000 depositions in California, including experts. He has tried both state and federal cases in serious product liability matters involving complex issues of technology and accident reconstruction. Because of his engineering background, Mr. Kwasniewski works effectively with expert witnesses, one of the keys to success in a complex product liability case.

Gary Kwasniewski is an accomplished California product liability attorney, using his broad technical and legal experience to bring complex lawsuits to a successful conclusion.

If you, a friend or a loved one has been injured, or you know of someone who has been killed by a product you suspect was defective, our California product liability lawyer may be able to help.

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