The principal lawyers at the Los Angeles law firm Viau & Kwasniewski, have worked on both sides of insurance litigation and are experts in insurance law.

With a combined 74+ years of experience, California insurance attorneys Gary K. Kwasniewski and Jeanette L. Viau are unique; both lawyers formerly represented major insurance and Fortune 500 companies… but now for several years represent individual and small business policyholders who have been victimized by insurance company and HMO abuse.

Gary’s background as a litigation and skilled trial lawyer along with Jeanette’s experience as an insurance bad faith litigator make for a formidable team as insurance lawyers for policyholders.

As experts in insurance law and litigation, including wrongful denial of health insurance benefits by insurance companies, they are known as lawyers who aggressively litigate, prosecute and successfully take difficult cases to trial. Viau & Kwasniewski also handle wrongful death and personal injury cases in California.

VK Lawyers can provide legal advice and representation as insurance lawyers and, as experts in insurance law they address insurance issues arising out of a wide variety of claims, including…

  • Property claims
  • Automobile claims
  • Homeowner’s claims
  • Theft claims
  • Health Insurance claims
  • Disability claims
  • Refusal to defend
  • Refusal to settle
  • Delayed payment of a claim
  • Commercial General Liability claims
  • Business Liability claims

Los Angeles insurance attorneys Viau & Kwasniewski are licensed to practice in California and have a solid reputation as experts in insurance law. When you need insurance lawyers, call the experts who have worked on and understand both sides.

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