What happens when your insurance company refuses to settle liability claims on your behalf?

Let’s say that you or your business has been sued in the state of California.

You have California liability insurance so you breathe a little easier, because you expect your insurance company to defend you and to pay any liability claims against you.

After the case against you has been going on for a while and sufficient discovery has been done, your insurance carrier may have an opportunity to settle the case on your behalf for a reasonable amount that is within policy limits.

But, what if your insurance carrier unreasonably refuses to settle the case?

What if the insurance company’s actions forces the case to trial and the case goes through a very stressful trial for you and you lose?

Let’s say that the amount of the verdict is for more than your carrier could have settled the case for, and it exceeds your liability insurance policy limits.

You are now on the hook for the amount that the verdict exceeds the limits on your policy.

Your insurance carrier’s refusal to settle for a reasonable amount within policy limits may be “bad faith.”

If you are experiencing Insurance company bad faith during a lawsuit in which you are a defendant, you may have to pursue “bad faith litigation” against your insurance carrier.


If you have been sued and your insurance company has refused to settle a the case on your behalf (for a reasonable amount within your liability insurance policy limits), call Viau and Kwasniewski for more information regarding your rights, and regarding insurance bad faith in these types of situations.

Email a bad faith insurance trial attorney, call (213) 842-8164 or complete our online Contact Us Form for a free, no-risk initial consultation.

In most cases Viau & Kwasniewski bad faith insurance attorneys will work on a Contingency Fee basis meaning we are paid only if we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

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