If you are in an insurance dispute over a California claim with your insurance company and if they are unreasonably denying or delaying your insurance claim (acting in “bad faith“), California insurance bad faith lawyers Viau & Kwasniewski can help you.

Your California homeowner insurance policy is a special contract between you and your insurance company, which entitles you to all of the benefits of the contract.

If any insurance company in California unreasonably handles your homeowner insurance claim, under California law you are not only entitled to the benefits of the policy, but also all other damages you suffered from your insurance company’s unreasonable conduct.

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Viau & Kwasniewski Principal Attorneys

Trial lawyers and principal partners Jeanette L. Viau and Gary K. Kwasniewski have handled hundreds of insurance disputes involving many of the major insurance carriers doing business in California. Viau & Kwasniewski have a combined experience of over 40+ years and each is “AV” rated, the highest rating for competence and integrity available by Martindale Hubbell, a national directory for lawyers.

You Can Have Legal Representation

You may think that you cannot afford this level of legal representation in a California insurance dispute against the powerful insurance industry… but you can.

Los Angeles insurance litigation attorneys Viau & Kwasniewski do not charge for initial consultations or initial review and analysis of documents. If we think our California insurance attorneys can help you, we will take and litigate your insurance dispute case with no money up front from you. We front the costs, and our attorney fees are paid only when we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

What Constitutes Bad Faith
In A Homeowner Property Damage Insurance Claim?

If you are experiencing difficulty getting your California homeowner’s insurance claim paid or resolved in a timely and reasonable manner, our insurance Los Angeles insurance dispute lawyers can help.

Depending on your California homeowner policy coverage, you may be able to make a claim for damage to your home and/or personal property as a result of rain, wind, water, flooding, landslides, fire or theft (which may include not only stolen property, but damage to your home as well).

If you are in an insurance dispute your insurance company may be acting in bad faith if it engages in any of the following:

  • Creating undue delays, including delays in responding to your telephone calls, letters, and other insurance dispute inquiries
  • Refusing to pay, including first promising insurance coverage then later refusing to pay
  • Refusing to pay for a covered loss or for covered property damage.
  • Refusing to pay part of your claim, including denial of coverage for a covered personal property loss or for damage to a part of your home.
  • Underpayment of your insurance claim… not paying you what is “fair” or right.
  • Replacing (or assigning multiple) adjusters in the middle of an insurance claim that result in delays, failure to pay where coverage was originally promised, or wrongful denial of insurance coverage.
  • Setting impossible conditions, which may include requiring you to have itemized receipts for every single item of lost or damaged personal property or requiring you to submit multiple types of “proof of loss,” such as numerous recorded statements or written proof of loss.
  • Sending you letters that do not reflect what actually happened, which may include letters that say something different than what you were promised in person or over the telephone.
  • Giving you the “run-around” such as having multiple contractors submit quote estimates for your structural repairs or forcing you to submit to an appraisal process when the amount and scope of your damage, including property damage, is clear.

We are California bad faith insurance lawyers and attorneys who specialize in bad faith claims and insurance coverage disputes in the state of California.

Call Viau & Kwasniewski at (213) 842-8164, complete our online Contact Us Form, or contact us by email at gkk@vklawyers.com for more information on how we can help you reach a successful outcome in your insurance dispute.

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