When an independent trucker hooks his truck up to a trailer full of goods, he is responsible for those goods until they are delivered.

For protection, independent truckers and or commercial carriers purchase cargo insurance against theft or damage.

The FBI estimates that between $15 and $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen each year. Thieves heist whole trailer loads of goods. The value of freight in a trailer can range from $10,000 to millions.

If the cargo is stolen or something happens to it in transit, cargo insurance protects the trucker and/or the trucking company from having to pay for the value of lost or damaged cargo.

When the unexpected cargo theft or loss of cargo occurs to an independent trucker or a small trucking company, the prompt payment for the full value of the cargo by the insurance carrier can mean the difference between bankruptcy and continued operations.


Unreasonable Conduct by
Your Cargo Insurance Company

If your cargo insurance company does not pay your claim or underpays your claim for lost or damaged cargo, you should have your claim analyzed by experienced insurance lawyers who have handled cargo claim denials in the past.

Your only recourse may be pursuing insurance bad faith litigation against your insurance company who issued the cargo insurance and has denied or underpaid your claim.

California insurance bad faith litigation cases involving cargo insurance claims can be quite intense requiring experienced trial lawyers who thoroughly understand California insurance law.

The principal lawyers at Viau & Kwasniewski have over 40 years of combined insurance bad faith litigation experience in prosecution and defense against insurance company bad faith conduct. Based in Los Angeles, our law firm handles insurance bad faith litigation cases throughout the State of California.

Contact A Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Attorney

If you are involved in an insurance dispute with your cargo insurance carrier and require legal representation by bad faith insurance lawyers with experience in cargo insurance claims, contact the law office of Viau and Kwasniewski for more information.

In most cases our insurance bad faith trial lawyers will work on a Contingency Fee basis meaning we are paid only if we obtain a recovery for you.

Call (213) 842-8164 for a free, no-risk initial consultation regarding your cargo insurance claim or email a bad faith insurance trial attorney. If you prefer to contact us online, simply complete our online Contact Us Form.

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