When a multi-car accident occurs in California involving serious injuries or deaths there are many legal questions to be considered concerning who will pay for the damage done.

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California Car Accidents

Personal injury and wrongful death litigation cases involving California car accidents can be quite contentious when determining who was at fault (determining liability), and what the total damages are for the aggrieved parties.

Car accident cases involving life changing events such as the loss of a father, mother, son, or daughter, or serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries, burns, or other serious injuries, can add up to millions of dollars in medical bills, future care costs, lost income, and so on.

California car accident lawyers involved in such cases are not only dealing with personal injury, wrongful death and tort law, but often these types of cases involve questions of insurance law and coverage.

Choosing Car Accident Lawyers

Victims and the families of victims involved in California car accidents are encouraged to seek out legal representation by experienced wrongful death lawyers and personal injury attorneys who know and understand insurance and insurance law.

Your wrongful death/ personal injury lawyer must determine what available coverage there is from all parties, including the injured party.

Having experienced California car accident lawyers (who understand insurance law) to represent you can mean the difference between the best results possible – getting the money to take care of these types of serious losses – and an unsatisfactory (and costly) result.

Make sure your personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney has a good understanding of the insurance issues in question.

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Our personal injury/ wrongful death lawyers protect the rights of injured persons or those who have lost a loved one due to serious California car accidents.

If you, a family member or a friend has been involved in a serious California car accident and have sustained injuries or worse, contact the car accident lawyers at Viau & Kwasniewski for more information about what should be done to protect your rights.

Los Angeles based Viau and Kwasniewski are California personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys who have represented victims and the families of victims in litigation involving California car accidents.

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