Need help fighting big and powerful insurance companies?

California insurance bad faith attorneys (Los Angeles lawyers) Viau & Kwasniewski work for you…the victim, in insurance company and HMO abuse cases.

Our name attorneys have worked on and understand both the insurance company and the policyholders’ sides in litigation. With this unique experience base plus our combined 74+ years of experience, VK Lawyers make for a formidable team on your behalf.

We are L. A. based insurance bad faith attorneys who can help you in your case against California insurance companies that cheat.

Our insurance attorneys work in California trial and appellate courts as insurance bad faith lawyers for individual and small business policyholders that have been cheated out of insurance coverage by their insurance companies. As California insurance bad faith attorneys, our trial lawyers handle among other things, litigation disputes over insurance policy interpretation and coverage.

VK Lawyers concentrate on bad faith litigation against insurance companies and HMO’s who unreasonably and/or willfully and deliberately deny insurance benefits to their policyholders on valid claims.

Under California law, insurance companies generally must look for coverage rather than deny coverage after notice of a valid claim and may not put their interests above yours, the policyholder.

Our California insurance attorneys can help if you have been victimized by acts of bad faith by your insurance company or HMO. As California insurance bad faith lawyers and attorneys, we aggressively litigate and prosecute insurance bad faith claims through trial and appeal. Our Los Angeles attorneys also handle wrongful death and personal injury cases in California.

Call Viau & Kwasniewski at (213) 842-8164. Contact our Los Angeles, California insurance bad faith attorneys by email at , or contact our insurance lawyers online using our Contact Us Form.

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