Under California law, insurance companies generally must look for rather than deny insurance coverage after notice of a valid claim, and may not put their interests above yours, the policyholder.

California law prohibits “insurance bad faith” where insurance companies unreasonably deny and/or delay the payment of insurance benefits when a valid claim is made; to do so is “bad faith.”

If your California insurance carrier has unreasonably denied you insurance benefits or failed to promptly handle or investigate your claim properly, Los Angeles, California bad faith insurance lawyers Viau & Kwasniewski can help.

Do not allow an insurance company or HMO to act in bad faith and cheat you out of your insurance coverage on a valid claim in California.

Contact California insurance bad faith lawyers, Viau & Kwasniewski, pre-eminent lawyers and experts in California insurance law who have:

  • Worked on and understand both sides of insurance bad faith litigation in California
  • And, who will aggressively and competently represent you…the insured, in insurance bad faith claim disputes

Viau & Kwasniewski insurance bad faith attorneys have over 40+ years of combined experience in trials, litigation and insurance bad faith cases including personal injury, products liability and wrongful death cases.

Our Los Angeles bad faith attorneys handle disputes in California that not only involve improper claims handling, but also the complex issues in insurance policy interpretation and coverage analysis. Most bad faith lawyers with this level of insurance coverage expertise work for the insurance industry; but we make this expertise available to you, whether you are an individual or a small business policyholder.

In California, insurance “bad faith” can involve insurance company actions such as:

  • Wrongfully denying, withholding or delaying insurance policy benefits
  • Wrongfully denying you a defense when you are sued
  • Failing to adjust or to pay your insurance claim within a reasonable time period
  • Failing to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner
  • Failing to promptly or properly investigate your insurance claim
  • Failing to adequately explain or inform you (in writing) the reasons for denying your insurance claim

The pre-eminent Los Angeles, California bad faith law firm of Viau & Kwasniewski is devoted to helping individuals and small businesses victimized by insurance bad faith, by aggressively litigating, prosecuting and successfully taking insurance bad faith cases to trial in California.

Contact California insurance bad faith attorneys Viau and Kwasniewski at (213) 842-8164, complete our online Contact Us Form, or email: gkk@vklawyers.com .

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