I can’t thank Gary Kwasniewski and Janette Viau for representing me when NOBODY else would take my case. From the moment we first met I knew God put me in their hands for a reason.

They we up front and honest about how long, difficult, and stressful my case would be, but also reassured me that the outcome would be worth it. 

They not only fought against the person suing me, but my home owners insurance as well.

They spent lot’s of their own money to pay for all the things I needed to prove my innocence. I was a complete wreck, but they made themselves available to me 24/7 and held my hand every step of the way.

Gary and Janette are the only way to go… They won my case against my homeowners insurance company and the party that was suing me.

Trust in them and they will support you in all ways to the finish line. 

– M.G.

I met Gary Kwasniewski and Jeanette Viau during a crisis in our lives. Our home was a total loss in a fire and my insurance company was quite adversarial. We didn’t know where to turn, then Gary and Jeanette walked into our lives. Their expertise guided us through a very difficult process and the outcome was better than anticipated. I have referred dozens of fire loss victims over the years, and they are my go to law firm. We highly recommend them. 

– Pennie A

Gary and Jeanette are fearless advocates who have the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to obtain the best possible outcome for their clients. They are a dynamic duo who secure outstanding results by tirelessly working up their cases, skillfully applying leverage (which oftentimes forces the defendant insurance companies to capitulate), and courageously taking cases to trial. Simply put Gary and Jeanette are top notch!

– Michael Akopyan

I used the Viau & Kwasniewski law firm on a difficult first party bad faith case They combine their experience and expertise with tenacity and hard work. They would work into the night or on weekends depending on what was needed in the case. They are driven and have a real concern for their clients. I have consulted with many, many law firms since 1997, their knowledge and expertise is at the utmost highest level in the legal community. They are always my first choice.

– John Sisneros

I have known and worked with Gary Kwasniewski and Jeanette Viau for many years.  We have collaborated on cases, and I frequently seek out their advice and guidance on legal issues.  I cannot recommend them more highly as attorneys and people.  They are extremely skilled, creative, and hardworking attorneys.  They are utterly dedicated to and uncompromising in protecting the rights of their clients. And, most importantly, they achieve excellent results for their clients. If you need someone to fight for you against the large and power insurance companies of this world, you would be well advised to hire Gary and Jeanette as your attorneys. 

– F.Grannis

I have known Gary and Jeanette for many years.  I have worked for them on a number of insurance cases in which they were suing an insurance company on the behalf of their clients who had their claims denied.  They are excellent attorneys.  They work hard and smart for their clients and obtain excellent results.  I could not recommend them higher.  

– Tom C

I have known Gary & Jeanette for many many years!  Over the last 30 years they have helped me with several legal issues.  Always very responsive and both are extremely honest and of the highest character!  And very good with the law – pursuing avenues that I hadn’t even imagined were possible.  They offer the kind of service that just cannot be achieved with a larger law firm.  I would recommend them to anyone!

– S & J J

I’ve Know Gary since the early 1990’s and have been seeking the counsel of Viau & Kwasniewski since nearly as far back.  From Real Estate to Contracts Law to Personal injury, Jeanette and Gary have provided guidance to not only the most efficient and expeditious approach but, more importantly, to the most ethical and just.  Through all our exchanges, Jeanette and Gary have listened and offered clear, lawful, and moral direction.  With principle and integrity, Viau & Kwasniewski are that all too rare firm, doing well by doing good.

– Philip H

I suffered from  very serious work  related high voltage injury, that caused me to be terribly injured and disabled such that I could not work again.   I was extremely fortunate to be represented by Gary Kwasniewski and Jeanette Viau of Viau & Kwasniewski.  My complex case required them to learn my craft at a level just below journeyman that would have spent three years in apprenticeship.  There was another law firm that was originally hired but they backed out of the case because they were concerned about some of the legal issues and were not interested in fronting the very high costs.  This other law firm could not see a way for me to prevail in my lawsuit.  I was able to get connected with Gary and Jeanette at the law firm of Viau & Kwasniewski.  They agreed to take my case, and obtained a great result.

They put everything into my case which involved difficult legal and factual issues and significant legal costs.  They were able to obtain an 8-figure result for me which allowed me to be financially self sufficient for the rest of my life even with my debilitating injuries.  I would recommend them to anyone with a serious case like mine.  They are highly skilled professionals who care about their clients and have the ability to successfully handle serious complex cases, that other lawyers are afraid to take.

– J.U.

“I had a motorcycle stolen from me.  I had insurance and made a claim with my insurance company.  My insurance company made me submit to an examination under oath in front of one of their lawyers and made me provide extensive documentation.  After subjecting me to this, they refused to honor my claim and denied it without any good reason.  They simply did not believe me.  I hired attorneys Gary Kwasniewski and Jeanette Viau to represent me.  They sued the insurance company for refusal to pay my valid claim.  Gary and Jeanette obtained an excellent result for me.  They are very good lawyers, professional and work hard for their clients.  I would recommend them to anyone seeking top notch representation.”

– C.D.

I have known Gary for more than twenty-five years. I have referred several difficult personal injury cases to him over this period and the settlements he obtained were spectacular. My clients were very pleased both with the results and the treatment they received from everyone at the firm. First rate and I can recommend them without reservation. 

– KW

I want to thank Gary Kwasniewski and Jeanette Viau for their help with my clients over the years.  They have helped my homeowners & Business owners with Examinations Under Oath (“EUO”) protecting the homeowner from the insurance company or when the insurance company is wrongfully denying all or part of a claim and/ or on bad faith claims including partial denial of claims or full wrongfully denied claims by insurance companies.

When people have a major fire loss to their home and need legal representation during the claim for an EUO protecting the homeowner from the insurance company, or when the insurance company is wrongfully denying all or part of a claim, or when an insurance company is acting in bad faith,   It has been nice to be able to refer a client or anyone to contact good reputable  attorneys that will go after the insurance comp[any & not roll over for a quick settlement.

I have known Gary Kwasniewski for about 20+ years and he has been someone I can refer my clients to for help when they need legal assistance.

Gary and Jeanette are great people and great attorneys.  I have referred people to them and feel comfortable referring  anyone to them with confidence when they need legal help.

I never accept any referral fees gifts from anyone including attorneys when I make a referral.  It is nice to have attorneys that have my clients and referrals backs.

– V.T.S.

Truely the best!!

My husband and I hired Gary and his wife to handle a bad faith insurance claim for our home. I can’t explain how caring, professional, and responsive they were. They were there for us every step of the way and handled the case in the utmost care and thorough components. We don’t know what we would have done without them. They are truly the best. I definitely would recommend them to anyone in similar situations without hesitation.

– A.O.

Mr. Kwasniewski is extremely knowledgeable in first party bad faith matters. He works extremely hard, working late or on weekends is part of his work ethic. He is always prepared on the issues at hand. Analyzes in detail what is needed and what the best course of action is. Would highly recommend him.

– Anonymous

I have know Gary for more than twenty-five years. I have referred several difficult personal injury cases to him over this period and the settlements he obtained were spectacular. My clients were very pleased both with the results and the treatment they received from everyone at the firm. First rate and I can recommend them without reservation. 

– KW

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