Most Often We Take Cases On A Contingency Fee Basis – Los Angeles Lawyers & Attorneys: Explanation of Fees

Most people (individuals & small business owners), even when they have suffered an injustice, do not pursue their legal rights because they fear it will cost too much.

Viau & Kwasniewski Insurance, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Attorneys Handle Most Cases On A Contingency Fee Basis

When our Los Angeles attorneys handle an insurance bad faithpersonal injury or wrongful death case in California on a contingency fee basis, there is generally no cost to you – zero – unless our lawyers are able to recover a settlement or judgment on your behalf. You do not pay any fees or costs until the case is resolved by trial, arbitration, settlement, or other resolution.

When A Case Is Handled On A Contingency Fee Basis You Do Not Have To Front The Costs Of Litigation

Litigation costs, excluding attorney fees, can run in the tens of thousands of dollars even in small or medium size cases and hundreds of thousands of dollars in larger more complex cases. Our Los Angeles law firm takes care of all of that for you, such as filing fees with the court, court reporter fees for depositions, copying costs, costs of serving subpoenas, and the cost of hiring experts on your behalf. Only after there is a recovery in the action are we reimbursed for litigation costs.

Under A Contingency Fee Arrangement Fees Are Based On A Percentage Of Any Final Settlement Or Judgment

The percentage arrangement is agreed upon, between you and our Los Angeles, California law firm, before we take your case. Only after there is a recovery in the action does this law firm collect its fees out of any settlement or judgment.

Contingency Fee Arrangements Are Typically Preferred By Clients

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, a contingency fee arrangement is preferred because you do not have any up front, out-of-pocket expenses. Also, contingency fee arrangements tend to ensure that lawyers only pursue meritorious cases. When the lawyer is taking the risk by fronting the costs and investing his or her efforts and time, that lawyer is unlikely to take a case he or she does not believe in. This benefits everyone, including you the client, and society as a whole.

Our California attorneys work hard for our clients, and believe in the cases that we take, whether they are insurance bad faith, insurance dispute, personal injury, wrongful death or products liability cases. Most California cases we take are on a contingency fee basis.

Even if you have no or very limited resources, you can pursue your legal rights when an attorney takes your case on a contingency fee arrangement.

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