Lawyers and Fees FAQ

It generally means that you only have to pay the attorney after there is a settlement, after a judgment is paid or some other monetary resolution.  The attorney’s fee is usually based on an agreed to percentage of the settlement, judgment or other proceeds from a resolution.

Litigation costs refer to the costs necessary to litigate a case through trial and appeal if necessary.  These costs do not include attorney fees, which are separate.  Litigation costs include such costs as: complaint filing fees, the costs for court reporters for depositions, expert fees, copying costs, witness fees, costs for subpoenaing documents, etc.  These costs can be significant, especially if an insurance, personal injury and wrongful death case goes through a jury trial.

Each person who files an lawsuit is ultimately responsible for litigation costs.  However, generally when an attorney takes a case on a contingency fee basis, the attorney also agrees to pay for litigation costs until there is a resolution.  Then the attorney has the right to get reimbursed for the litigation costs paid for and on behalf of the client in addition to the contingency fee pursuant to prior agreement.

It can be difficult to find an insurance lawyer in these types of cases who will handle your case with the attention and skill that everyone who has a meritorious case deserves.  You need insurance lawyers who are experienced, tough, and resilient, who know their stuff, work hard, and care about your interests.  You will want to find insurance lawyers who know what they are doing and with whom you are comfortable with. You also have to be able to trust their judgment.

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A good lawyer puts the client’s interests first, gets good results, provides excellent legal representation and is able to do demanding and difficult work.

To be good in a particular field of law takes years of practice.  If you have an insurance case, you want insurance lawyers who have handled a number of insurance cases in California.  If you have a personal injury or wrongful death case, you want personal injury lawyers who have substantial experience handling those types of cases.

  • A good lawyer cares about the profession and his or her clients.
  • A good lawyer works hard.
  • A good lawyer only takes cases he or she believes are meritorious.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a good and effective lawyer is honest and ethical.
  • A good lawyer knows that his or her stock in trade is credibility.  If a lawyer loses credibility with opposing counsel, you the client, the judge or the jury, that lawyer loses everything.
  • A good lawyer knows when it is time to be realistic about the value and the risks in a case.
  • A good lawyer knows that the day after a lawsuit is filed and discovery begins the case will never be the same again.  Through the legal process called discovery, the evidence is revealed – and ultimately the true character of the case.
  • A good lawyer knows that his or her job is to help those who are being oppressed and cheated by those who are powerful.  This sometimes means cutting fees and doing work without pay.
  • A good lawyer believes that each one of us in this society has value, and the laws are the means to ensure that our individual rights are protected regardless of our wealth, power or social standing.
  • A good lawyer is tenacious and has a philosophy that every problem has a solution.
  • A good lawyer advocates the truth.
  • A good lawyer is prepared and knows the case.
  • A good lawyer knows that details matter.
  • A good lawyer takes positions that are supported by the law and the evidence.
  • A good lawyer makes things happen rather then lets things happen.
  • A good lawyer promptly returns telephone calls and is responsive.
  • A good lawyer meets time deadlines.
  • A good lawyer is persuasive.
  • A good lawyer knows that it is the client’s case and not the lawyer’s case.

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